Thursday, December 27, 2012

Liva: Paralyzed in Bliss

Liva: Paralyzed in Bliss

Published on The 2012 Scenario

Again "Liva's" experience is not conclusive, but it does suggest the experiences that some people are having.  Notice the view of the city of light and pillars of light. Thanks to Janis and Marlene.

Prior to the conference in Sedona, I was awakened in the night and received a telepathic message as well as a ticker tape message in front of my forehead. This message said that my real name was Liva and I was from the Galactic Federation of Light.

I attended the conference in Sedona and Sierra confirmed this. Sierra also said I was from her soul group and we worked on a mother ship together. The week before Dec 21 I received another ticker tape message telling me to be alone on Dec 21.

On Dec 19 during my morning jog I saw pink clouds in the sky. The same night I was driving to my daughter's house and noticed the sky was a vivid sapphire blue and in between the blue was golden light.

As I looked closer it appeared to be a city and streaming down from this city were pillars of light. My daughter did not see what I saw. I realized at this moment that this was my perspective. On Dec 21 at eleven twenty AM I was in bed meditating and an energy of light enveloped me. I was paralyzed for twenty minutes. I could not move my arms or legs. I was in bliss. I asked "Is this ascension?" But I was still in my room.

The next day I was on my morning jog, and saw beautiful colors in the air, vivid red, purple and green. I then looked at the sun and there were colors bursting around it.

Yes I believe I am in the ascension process. I realize everyone's experience is, and will be, unique. As I continue to believe and contain my joy I will see more. Praise Prime Creator, we are ascending.

Love and Light,



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